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Title: WishList
Post by: JTaylor on February 11, 2016, 10:06:43 am
New releases always make me think of the things I wish were included so thought I would reprise a few I think would be VERY useful to many least those who make good use of Dialogs.  Yes, I know these things can be implemented in various ways and I have done so but having the native functionality makes it so much better.

Would actually like to see all the "Control" options added but know that is unlikely.   Just implementing the controls and events with nothing else would be a huge help.  The rest can be easily handled with API/Extender calls.  Maybe a separate toolbar for the dialog editor with these controls, which is off by default.  This surely wouldn't be a huge resource suck as it only took me about two weeks to implement them in the CommControl extender and that was knowing nothing about creating Extenders and nothing about "C" except a class 25 years ago.   If I knew what I was doing it would probably have been a day or two work at most.

Of course there are many other things but will limit myself to these for the moment  :)


Title: Re: WishList
Post by: JTaylor on February 11, 2016, 10:13:23 am
Forgot something...

Specify MOVE & GROW options for controls on re-sizing.   I have a nice set of UDFs you can use as a model, which I have yet to find a situation that it can't handle.   Having this as a built in Option would be wonderful.

Title: Re: WishList
Post by: ....IFICantBYTE on February 11, 2016, 03:31:45 pm
I second all that (I use dialogs a lot).

I would really like to see an event/message hook method for all and ANY control or window, especially dialog controls, even ones "hacked" in using dll calls - that way, you can keep all your code in the script and modify it easily (unlike having to create or rely on code in extenders)

Also, the latest visual styles (manifest) for all controls, so they don't look old-fashioned on newer versions of Windows.

Thanks for the latest enhancements though - they are great.