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How I installed WebBatch on a 2012r2 running IIS 8.5


I've been a longtime user of WebBatch and a recent initiative to rid our datacenter of all 2003 servers meant I had to build a new server for my WebBatch hosting.  The server platform is Windows 2012r2 64bit with IIS 8.5.  I could only find server2000 IIS instructions, so hopefully my notes can help someone.  If there are better notes somewhere please feel free to share them, so I can ensure my server is configured correctly. 

While installing IIS I found out later it is necessary to select a few roles beyond the default selections.  They deal with Application Development and are required to proceed.  Please see the following screenshot.

Once your IIS install is complete I proceeded to install WebBatch 2015A.  I kept all of the basic defaults, so the install directory is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Webbatch" and the IIS folder is "C:\inetpub". 
As specified in the older instructions it is required to create a virtual "webcgi" folder. 

NOTE – When you add a virtural directory the default settings have NO credentials set.  If your web scripts do any kind of writes within the program you will have to specify a user with rights to the  folder in which your script targets.  I have several internal search engines and I log every search inquiry, so I created a domain webbatch user and granted modify rights on the required target folders. Here is what the properties will look like.

The original instructions called for modifying the properties of the “webcgi” virtual directory and specify execute permissions as “Scripts and Executables”.  IIS 8.5 does not have these options as a property of a virtual folder.  Everything is broken out and this part can now be accomplished by “handler mappings”

Within the Handler Mappings you need to create a “Script Map” to configure IIS to use webbatch.exe.

If you neglect to add the Application Development roles during the IIS install you will not be able to add this script map.
After you have created the new script map you will need to modify the “Feature Permissions” of the new mapping.  By default only “Read” and “Script” are selected.  You will need to add “Execute” to the permissions.

Congratulations!  You’ve installed WebBatch on your new Windows 2012 server.

Thank you for your input.  The WebBatch help file for version of WebBatch released after 2007  contain the setup procedure for Windows 2008 which is generally applicable to 20012 as well.

Thanks for clarifying it.  I just didn't find any references to the process or where to find it other then the old ones.  I have only used the help files for function help and didn't think it would contain installation help.  Converting all of my scripts over wasn't that bad, but I did have to convert all of my paths to UNC format.  The newer version of winbatch doesn't seem to work with mapped network drive letters.

Mapped drive work with newer versions of WinBatch.  However, UAC can cause issues that must be addressed.  The Tech Database has this:


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