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An experienced software architect would say that loading up a product with trivial functions doesn't improve the product for users.  It does quite the opposite.  What it apparent is that an effort needs to be made to restore the solution sharing community that the old WebBoard once was. 

--- Code: Winbatch ---;;; redirect.web

; Could be any 30x redirect depending on need.
WebOut('HTTP/1.1 303 See Other':@CRLF:'Location:',2) ; 2 required to indicate a header end.

I agree on both points.    I try not to ask for the first and to do my part on the second.

Guess I didn't see it as trivial.   There is WebOutFile so thought WebOutURL would be appropriate as well.

In any event, thanks.



--- Code: Winbatch ---#definefunction WebOutRedirect(_url)
   return WebOut('HTTP/1.1 303 See Other':@CRLF:'Location: ':_url,2)


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