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Recently updated to 2019A wanted to test out the "Allow dialog to automatically adjust sizes" feature but ran into a peculiar issue in the editor.  I was creating a new dialog and I was attempting to shrink the width of the dialog as soon as I attempted to interact with the right hand side the dialog automatically resized to the full width of the editor and would not allow me to adjust it (height adjustment worked normally). Attached is a screen grab of what it looks like when I attempted the resize.  Initially I just muddled through it by editing the raw WBT values then reopened in the editor and avoided interacting with the horizontal adjustments. 

While working with this peculiar issue I had a second dialog editor session open as I was comparing 2 versions and noticed that my second instance the resizing mechanic worked normally.  My system has 4 monitors in landscape orientation when the dialog editor is on my first (primary display) or my forth monitor it works as expected, on my second and third it exhibits this behavior.  The first 3 monitors are driven from the Intel Graphics on the CPU and the forth is driven by a USB video controller.   

This could just be an issue with my install, the rest of my team has not yet upgraded to 2019A to see if they experience the same behavior.  I saw the "Corrected problem with the rendering of the tracking rectangle around the entire dialog when the Dialog Editor's view window was scrolled" change note though not 100% familiar with this issue I was curious if perhaps that fix introduced this behavior.  I believe I was previously running 2018A or 2018B and don't recall having this behavior. 

The "Allow dialog to automatically adjust sizes" option does not affect editor operation so that can't be the cause.  It certainly is possible for a bug fix to create another bug. Your screenshot actually looks something like the problem that we tried to fix in 2019A. However, try as we might we cannot reproduce your problem on any multi-monitor systems.   Note that the editor does not allow you to shrink a dialog beyond the border of any contained controls but that doesn't appear to be a problem here.

Although we don't have any other reports of this problem, we will continue to investigate and please let us know if any of your colleagues experience similar untoward editor behavior.       

I was experimenting a bit this morning.  My monitor layout is 3, 2, 1, 4 and 1 is selected as my "main display".  In this configuration the editor behaves normally on 1 and 4 and has the issue on 2 and 3.  If I select 2 to be my main display the editor works on 2, 1, and 4 and only has the issue on 3.  If I select 3 to be my main display the dialog editor works on all screens.  If I make 4 my main display the dialog editor works on 4 but has the issue on 1, 2 and 3. 

Perhaps this information may shed some light on what the missing variable might be. 

Also, if of any potential relevance I am running Win10 Enterprise x64 1709, the monitors are 1920x1200 (3 HP 1 Dell model), hardware is HP Elitebook 850 G5 and all monitors are attached via a thunderbolt dock.

I'll try to prod the team to upgrade and see if they have or can reproduce the issue.  In the mean time if there is something else I could provide that might be of aid let me know. 

Your description seems to indicate that the editor may have a negative horizontal pixel bug.   

Thanks for the additional information.  We appreciate it.   

Will wonders never cease.  We found the problem and surprisingly it has been around for a very long time.  Fix will be part of the next release.

Thanks again for taking the time to report this problem.


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