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Winbatch is still around?


I thought that the support and updates for Winbatch was ending in June of 2015. I was paying the annual fee for updates up until I thought it was going away and now that I'm having to upgrade to Windows 10 I thought I would check out the web sight to reload version 2015A because that was the last version that I knew of. Now I see that there is a 2019A release and see that there are a few problems with 2015A and Windows 10. Can I start my service agreement up again or do I have to repurchase?  :-\

Actually, Wilson WindowWare, Inc. ceased operation as scheduled on June 30, 2017, and not 2015.  You can go to the home page and click on the "New Beginning" link to answer your specific questions.  That way I don't have to retype it (no doubt with multiple typos...) here. 

A link to the page mentioned above:


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