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Started by JTaylor, July 07, 2022, 08:46:00 AM

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Trying to do this via an Extender but not sure it is going to work but thought I would pass this on in case someone found it useful.  It is a Visual Studio C++ solution.   Works very well.   

After Building it and running it, use the Capture menu option to make things work.   I mention this because you get a blank screen when it launches and you might sit there wondering why nothing is happening.

If there are any knowledgeable folks here who will strip out the unnecessary and turn it into pure function calls, assuming that would work, that would be AWESOME!!!    My attempts simply result in a mess  :'(



Several PS scripts can either capture or record WebCams. Unfortunately, WB is going to have to  accept that PS exists. Not to go against what WB can do- in fact appreciate it can run PS or C# code... 

I say this as a user who has to create scripts that can be run via Sharepoint or Network drive... and an extra extender doesn't help {since I have to deploy WB executables}.

But. good work [as usual]. Hope others will benefit, as they should.


Sorry to drag up old topics. However I am after a solution and would appreciate suggestions.

Can anyone recommend a decent solution to grab a webcam image at native resolution? I have found a couple command line capture apps, but they tend to be old and are limited to 640x480 resolution.


I forgot all about this project.  Assuming this captures what you want you should be able to give it a command line feature.



Thanks Jim, will give it a try.