Author Topic: Is there a list of all IntControls possible ? or a single help file I can search  (Read 3140 times)


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Is there a list of all IntControls possible ? or a single help file I can search locally on my computer ?

I tried to find something on ---> IntControl(67,0,1,0,0)  however can't find a single thing.  Very frustrating that my ver of winbatch doesnt have a SINGLE location to search for all the IntControl options.



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If you installed WinBatch normally, then you should have the Consolidated WIL Help file installed.

One way to get the info you want:
If you are using WinBatch Studio, simply click on a command (in this case IntControl) in a script you have displayed so that the cursor is now on that command, and then you can either hold down SHIFT and press F1 or you can right-click the mouse and select the "Keyword Lookup Shift+{F1}" option in the popup context menu that appears.
The help file should now open and go to the spot related to the command you had the cursor on.


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See the Studio context menu item "Insert IntControl for...".  I don't know if it been updated or not.



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Also, if you go to your Start Menu/All Programs/WinBatch/WinBatchFolder you should find all the Help files.   All the IntControl() functions are listed.



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All of the IntControl are listing in the help files and printed documentation.

The main help file is the Consolidated WIL.chm help files, which can be accessed from your Start Menu|All Programs|WinBatch|Consolidated WIL.chm. Select the INDEX tab then  TYPE :IntControl. SELECT IntControl from the resulting list, it will contain an list of Internal control functions.

Just curious. What steps did you take in your search?

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