Started by Mogens Christensen, April 11, 2024, 08:16:07 AM

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Mogens Christensen


Receiving this error - is it because the INIT function can't find the DLL or is it somtehing with the params used ?

llapiInit('"C:\Program files\IBM\Personal Communications\EHLAPI32.DLL"','',8)
(500) GOSUB Error handler

EXTENDER ERROR SUPPRESSED =>102 (102: Enhanced HLLAPI Extender: Error initializing the HLLAPI Dll)

ResultCode = LastError()
(578) VALUE INT => 102


is that just a typo in your call to ehllapiInit? 

Also, why are you mixing the single/double quotes?   

The following works for an Attachmate connection ..

ehllapiInit('C:\Program Files\attachmate\extra!\ehlapi32.dll','hllapi', 1 | 4)

and another for an IBM connection ...

ehllapiInit('C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\ehlapi32.dll','',@TRUE)


Mogens Christensen

Hi Nick, thanks for your reply

I tried this, and still get a error

rc = ehllapiInit('C:\Program files\IBM\Personal Communications\EHLAPI32.DLL','',@TRUE)
(21032) GOSUB Error handler

TERMINAL EXTENDER ERROR=>102 (102: Enhanced HLLAPI Extender: Error initializing the HLLAPI Dll)


My guess is that you are attempting to use a 64-bit version of the "EHLAPI32.DLL" DLL with 32-bit WinBatch.
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