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Webbatch and Cisco's new version of Tidal


I was told by our company that WinBatch will is incompatible with the new version of Cisco's Tidal Scheduler process (Cisco Prime?) because Cisco  Prime is required to run in the foreground.  Since our WinBatch scripts sometimes require windows to be opened and require foreground focus, this is a nonnegotiable issue.  I was wondering if WebBatch will also run into the same issue with Cisco Prime.  Thanks.

We are not aware of any incompatibility of WinBatch with Cisco Prime. Could you please provide further information?

Are you maybe referring to the WinActivate or SendkeysTo function having problems where this app is running in the foreground? If so, have you tried using IntControl 61. It can modify window activations are handled by your script. This IntControl lets you change the current method being used. Some methods may work with some particular windows and not others, so you may need to experiment.

As for WebBatch.  It is a CGI scripting language for Web Servers. Where window activations simply do not apply.

Thanks.  Here is what I got from our tech guys:

Most of the WinBatch scripts that we run are interactive and need to run foreground.  This is especially true for error messages displayed on the PC’s.
We have two PHN-PS-### PC’s that have an older version of the Tidal Agent because the newer version does not allow scripts to run in the foreground.
Currently, we do not have WebBatch.  I am not sure if that requires the same foreground interaction that we need in WinBatch.

You can tell WinBatch scripts to run in quiet mode. This will prevent the scripts from attempting to display any messages/errors. See IntControl 38. Also As stated previously if your script is dependent on functions like WinActivate and SendKeysTo you might try using the IntControl 61 to modify the behavior of the Window activations.

You might also consider modifying the script to avoid using the sendkey type automation. You might consider using another method of automation. There are a few different ways Winbatch can communicate with a third party application ( windows / dialogs ):

WebBatch would not be affected in any way by a foreground application, because is runs as part of your webserver and the only interaction it has is via a webbrowser.


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