installation does nothing when click on setup.exe to install Winbatch ?

Started by santarjoe, June 09, 2014, 09:10:43 PM

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  I'm installing an older version 2004.  Its worked fine for me up until last month however , now winbatch isn't running in the background.  No popmenu.wbt running.  So attempted reinstall.  but no windows pop up or anything when i run the setup.exe.    I tried installing the most receint 2014 version and it installed just fine.  however , when go back to install the 2004 version, nothing !  any ideas ?


What windows platform are you installing to? Keep in mind that WinBatch 2004 was designed to install to Windows XP and older.

I suspect your anti-virus tool has quarantined WinBatch. Check your anti-virus logs for clues. You might also try white-listing WinBatch in your antivirus tool.
Deana F.
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You were absolutely correct !
Took forever to remove virus as it seemed at boot level.  It wouldn't let me install any antivirus.  Had to burn iso of av , then boot to it, on and on...  Thank you so much.  I was ready  to buy a new motherboard and cpu as the cause because its throwing up random glitches. :-*