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Started by td, May 29, 2019, 09:43:14 AM

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We have released WinBatch+Compiler 2019b beta.

Customers with a current license may download the beta version of the software from the download page.  Find beta software in the Alternatives
download list.


If you do not have a current license and are interested in updating WinBatch+Compiler and extenders, please visit our software purchase page. You can easily order online.


Beta release notes

WB 2019B May 29, 2019 (beta)   

DLL 6.18bsb First appearing in WB 2019B
  Fixed potential problem in the implementation of the 64-bit WinBatch version of
  IntControl 1006.
  Addressed issue in the implementation of the DirMake function that prevented the function
  from reporting an error when it failed to create a directory under certain conditions.
  Add level 11 to the WinVersion function.  Level 11 returns the "releaseID" of the current
  version on Windows 10 systems.  The "releaseID" is the four digit version number associated
  with Windows 10 semiannual feature updates.  WinVersion returns an empty string when level 11
  is used on other versions of Windows.
  Modified the AskFileText, AskItemList, and AskTextBox windows to scale proportionately on
  high DPI displays when these function's window size is modified using IntControl 62.

  Added the LONG_PTR entry point return type to the DllCall and DllCallCdecl functions. Use this
  type to indicate that an entry point returns a 64-bit integer when called from 64-bit WinBatch
  and a 32-bit integer when called from 32-bit WinBatch. 
  Fixed Syntax Analyzer's parsing of the dereference operator (*) when directly followed by a
  function or user-defined procedure that returns an array. The fix prevents incorrect error
  generation when array brackets appear on the end of the call statement for the purpose of
  accessing a single array element.
  Added new execution mode the RtStatus() function. It returns 16 for WinBatch Console execution
  mode when called from a WinBatch Console. 
  WIL Dialog Editor:
    Corrected a defect that prevented the resizing of a dialog on multi-monitor systems when
    the editor was displayed on a monitor to the left of a system's primary monitor.
  WinBatch Console:
    WinBatch Console is a set of new executables that enable the entry and execution of WIL
    scripting language statements at a console command prompt.  WIL statements can be entered
    and executed singly or as a group by switching WinBatch Console to multiline mode.
    WinBatch Console consists of 8 32-bit and 8 64-bit programs that follow the same naming
    conventions as regular WinBatch with the addition of the letter "C" at the beginning of
    each name. For example, the console version of "WinBatch.exe" is "CWinBatch.exe" and
    "WinBatch_if.exe" is "CWinBatch_if.exe".  The console executables contain the same
    manifests for UAC as their regular WinBatch executable counterparts.  Like their WinBatch
    counterparts, WinBatch Console executables accept a script file name as a command line
    Enable WinBatch Console's multiline mode by typing a WIL statement at the command prompt and
    typing a colon( : ) character as the last character on the line after the WIL statement.
    Pressing the Enter key after entering the colon key causes the console to enter multiline
    entry mode.  The console command prompt changes to an ellipsis(...) when the console is in
    multiline mode.  Once in multiline mode continue entering commands followed by the return key
    until your script is complete.  Do not add a colon to the end of your WIL statement lines
    after entering multiline mode. Execute the console script by pressing the return key on the
    empty line after the list statement typed. After the script is executed the console returns
    single line entry mode. You can also return to single line mode without executing the script
    by pressing the escape key once. 
    WinBatch Console supports a few special keys to edit, select, copy, paste, and execute
    text in the console window.  The table below lists the keys with a brief description of
    their function.

         Key                             Function
     escape            - Leave multiline mode or terminate WinBatch Console
     end               - Move input point to the end of the input line
     home              - Move input point to the beginning of the input line
     tab               - Move input point to the next tab stop
     left arrow        - Move input point one character to the left
     back space        - Erase character preceding the current input point and moves all
                         following text back one cell
     right arrow       - Move input point one character to the right
     up arrow          - Scroll backward in the statement history buffer
     down arrow        - Scroll forward in the statement history buffer
     delete            - Replace character a the cursor with a space
     enter             - Executes a single WIL statement
                       - Press twice when console is in mulitline mode to execute all
                       - Starts a new line when no statement present on the current line
                       - Starts a new line in multiline mode
                       - Copies selected text to the system clipboard
     ctrl+z            - Terminates the WinBatch Console application
     ctrl+c            - Copies selected WinBatch Console window contents to the system clipboard
     ctrl+v            - Pastes system clipboard contents into the WinBatch Console window
     ctrl+break        - Terminates running WIL statements
     shift+right arrow - Selects or unselects character and moves selection point to the right
     shift+up arrow    - Selects or unselects characters up one line and movers selection point
                         up one line
     shift+left arrow  - Selects or unselects character and moves selection point to the left
     shift+down arrow  - Selects or unselects characters down one line and movers selection
                         point down one line

    New WinBatch Console function:
     Cout s:expression
     Cout is a console only function that evaluates "expression" and displays the result as text
     in the console window's client area.  "Expression" cannot be a full WIL statement.
      expression - Can be any valid WIL language expression that can be represented as text.
                   Valid WIL expressions include variable names, string and numeric literals,
                   WIL constants, functions with their parameters, and operators with their
                   operands with the exception of the assignment operators.

     Cout differs from other WIL function because it does not require opening and closing
     parentheses.  if Cout is placed in a script that is executed outside of WinBatch Console,
     it has no effect and always returns 0.

     Cin s:prompt
     Cin returns text typed by an interactive user before the user pressed the return key.
     Cin is a console only function that displays the "prompt" text on a new line in the console
     window.  The function then pauses until an interactive user press the return key. 
      prompt - string used as a command line prompt. Can be any valid string literal or varaible
               containing a value that can be converted to text.

     Cin differs from other WIL functions in that it does not require opening and closing
     parentheses. When Cin is used outside the context of a WinBatch Console, it has no effect
     and always returns 0.
    WinBatch Studio:
     Added new "WinBatch Console" menu item to the "Debug" dropdown menu along with an
     associated toolbar button. This menu item and button start an instance of the 32-bit
     WinBatch Console application.
"No one who sees a peregrine falcon fly can ever forget the beauty and thrill of that flight."
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We updated the WinBatch+Compiler 2019b beta release to address a bug in the release's setup.exe application.  The bug prevented the beta release from installing on removable media like USB flash drives. 
"No one who sees a peregrine falcon fly can ever forget the beauty and thrill of that flight."
  - Dr. Tom Cade