*** File and Folder Finder Extender 44005 ***

Started by Deana, August 28, 2013, 01:50:09 PM

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We recently updated the File and Folder Finder Extender. If you have a current Maintenance Plan, you can download the latest version of this extender here:


You can also use the VCheck Utility to check and download any and all extender updates: http://files.winbatch.com/wwwftp/wb01/vcheck.zip

QuoteFile and Folder Finder Extender: Version 44005 Aug. 28, 2013
      Added support for a new flag value of 128 (no reparse points)to the fafOpen
      function's flags parameter.  When set this flag prevents the extender from
      including file system objects implemented with reparse points in searches
      performed using the returned seach context. Reparse points are used by the
      NTFS file system to implement symbolic links, directory junctions and directory
      mount points among other things. Reparse points, and their associated
      filters and applications provided by 3rd party vender may also be present on a
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