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Started by kevindawe, September 10, 2013, 04:49:05 AM

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I am checking to see if a process on a remote computer is running but I am receiving error 235. What access privs does the local account require to successfully connect to the remote computer?



You didn't mention which extender or which function. Can I assume you are using the Process Extender function tRemoteConn?

If so, when monitoring remote computers, note that the remote computer will only allow access to user accounts that have permission to access it. Error 235 indicates the function is unable to connect to the specified computer.  This could be caused by the computer not being on, not supporting PDH, not being connected to the network, or having the permissions set on the registry that prevent remote connections or remote performance monitoring by the user.

Make sure the remote computer allows remote connections and remote performance monitoring.
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If the process extender is indeed being used to query a remote machine, the Remote Registry service must also  be enabled on the remote machine.  It is disabled by default on Vista and newer systems.  Of course, the Windows Firewall (or what ever filewall is being used) must be set to allow File And Print Sharing pass through as well.
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